Kinder Beat Music

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    “Kinder Beat” is an award-winning and complete music programme that introduces both elementary and intermediate concepts of music learning to young children.

    The Principal Coach & Director of ‘Kinder Beat’, Mr Eric is a highly accomplished musician (A. Dip A. Honours), composer, producer, arranger and a multiple-award winner of local and regional music awards. Mr Eric’s team of teachers consists of dynamic and highly qualified professional educators.

    Through this programme, your child will build a solid foundation in keyboard playing through a holistic approach which incorporates:

    •  Rhythm & Beats

    •  Movement, Dance and Gesture

    •  Singing songs, rhymes and solfege

    •  Storytelling and mime

    •  Listening, reflecting & responding

    • Pre-reading through pictorial representation

    • Introduction to traditional music notation

    • Percussion playing (tuned & unturned)

    • Keyboard Playing and Keyboard Games