About Us

  • Joy Little Schoolhouse is the first Mandarin Immersion Child Care Centre in Singapore to deliver a curriculum, which capitalises on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, wholly in Chinese.

    In our programme, children across all levels engage in subject areas such as drama, healthy life skills, communication, Math activities, Science exploration, Music and Art& Craft in Chinese. Our core programme, “Theme Play” which is our forte, sees children engaging in free, exploratory play in a classroom that is themetically-designed.

    Our curriculum is specifically tailored to support the optimal development of both the Chinese and English language in children across various age groups. The young children (2-5 years old) will engage in a learning environment that is predominantly dominated by Chinese; with a small segment being dedicated to learning English Phonics.

    Our Phonics with movement programme capitalises on the whole-brain approach and is designed to elicit optimal learning in a fun and engaging way in children. Implementation of multi-sensory activities, drama, art and craft activities and phonic games will be carried out regularly to help reinforce children’s learning.

    Upon transition to Kindergarten level, the children will be exposed to a bilingual environment. ‘Han Yu Pin Yin’ will be introduced in preparation for formal education and Math and Science lessons will be delivered in English as well. In addition, constant experiences that provide children with opportunities to appreciate and get in touch with the Chinese culture will be carried out – in the form of calligraphy lessons and learning about Singapore’s history via the means of Chinese Idioms.