6 Things A Good Night's Sleep Can Do For Your Child


We all know that sleep is very vital to our bodies that it can be comparable to the importance of what food brings to us. A good night’s sleep is enough to erase all the fatigue that was felt the previous day, as well as pump you up for the next day.

If this is how important sleep is for us, imagine how important it is for kids, especially those in their school age. Kids in school are most commonly active and full of energy, but there are times that even teachers notice a loss of energy from some kids. This can be attributed to not having enough hours of sleep or not the having the best quality of sleep.

Aside from giving them enough energy for school, here are the things a good night’s sleep can do for your child.

A good night’s sleep means more energy

The doctors and researchers are still debating on the actual connection of energy and sleep. But the effect is obvious, when kids don’t get enough sleep, they usually lack energy the next day in school.

A good night’s sleep means a decluttered brain

Kids can only absorb so much information and experiences, without sleep, these information, experiences, everything that happened to them during the day will be jumbled and in chaos. A good night’s sleep helps their brain declutter and make way for the new information that they’ll get the next day.

A good night’s sleep means giving their body a break

Sleep is when the cells in our body rejuvenates and our muscles rebuild. For kids, their cells and muscles also do this, but it is more in a formative stage for them. Proper rejuvenation of the body is important for kids to have enough energy for the next day, as well as for their body to form properly.

A good night’s sleep means calmer emotions

Kids have limited capacity when it comes to bottling up emotions. Even babies are grumpy when they are sleepy. The same goes for school kids. They need proper sleep to even out their full emotions and wake up feeling happy.

A good night’s sleep means more friends

If your kids have more energy, they will have more extracurricular activities which they can gain friends from, plus they won’t be too grumpy to push away their existing friends.

A good night’s sleep means more acquired knowledge

If your child had a good night’s sleep, he or she will be able to have more energy and more concentration at school. If they are able to concentrate on the lessons more, they will be able to acquire more knowledge.

A child needs sleep more than adults. There are things that adults can control but a child will have difficulty understanding, like why they feel grumpy or such. Ensuring that your child has the right amount of quality sleep will make sure that you will be raising a happy child that is full of energy and is always willing to learn.

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