• Who Are We?

    Our child care services has ceased operation. Student care services are provided at 26 Sin Ming Lane Midview City #05-118 Singapore 573971 under the name of Ortus Learnig Centre. Please contact us for more info.

    Email: ortuslc@gmail.com

    Tel: 66844101

    Joy Little Schoolhouse is the first Mandarin Immersion Preschool in Singapore to deliver a predominantly Mandarin curriculum, which capitalises on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, exposing children to a Mandarin-rich environment, with designated full-time native-speaking Chinese language teachers in every class throughout the day.

    Joy Little offers premium childcare and student care services along with quality enrichment programmes for your children. We are located centrally at 32 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, next to the prestigious Ai Tong School, providing convenience to parents living in Bishan, Ang Mo Kio,  Thomson and the neighbouring districts.

    In our programme, children across all age levels engage in subjects and learning areas such as drama, essential life skills, social and effective communication, Math concepts, Science exploration, Music and Art & Craft in Chinese.  Our core programme, “Theme Play” which is our forte, sees children engaging in free-choice, exploratory play in a classroom that is thematically-designed with new themes every term.

    Our curriculum is specifically tailored to support the optimal development of both the Chinese and English language in children across various age groups.  The young children (2-7 years old) will engage in an interactive and language-rich learning environment that is predominantly dominated by Chinese; with a small segment being dedicated to learning English using Themes, Phonics, Reading Programmes, Project Approach, Story Club and Inquiry.

  • Joy Little Schoolhouse

  • 1st Mandarin Immersion Preschool

    Our aim is to cultivate high competency in the Mandarin language in our young children.  We focus on effective communication, word recognition, Chinese culture and calligraphy, etc.  We make learning fun and engaging for our children and our main medium of instruction is in Mandarin with our native-speaking Chinese teachers.

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  • Testimonials

    • cole

      During the 4+ Years Cole has been at JLSH, I have seen Cole transform from a shy and timid 2 year old toddler to an extremely confident, well spoken, high achieving 6 year old.

      The nurturing environment provided by the school addition to the open communication and partnering with parents is the catalyst for this. I was so impressed with the changes in Cole in his love of learning and his progress in his mandarin that I enrolled his younger brother when he turned 18 months.

      The fact that we stayed with this school despite the fact that both the school and my family shifted locations (in opposite directions) within Singapore, more than doubling our commuting time and distance is a testament to what a good school Joy Little is. JLSH has a carved a place in my heart and mind and I will fondly remember this school as positive driving force in shaping both my sons’ formative years.

      Parker Althea Denise (Cole Ellison Parker and Quinn Xavier Parker’s mother)
    • ella

      Joy Little has done wonders for my child and I will always be grateful to all the dedicated staff.

      I have a happy, healthy and confident child who speaks perfect English and Mandarin – what more could a parent ask for!

      Tracy Fearon (Ella-Jade Fearon’s mother)
    • hiro

      Dear teachers,

      Thank you for the dedication to school and all the students. We are very happy with every
      aspect of Joy Little’s educational programmes, I just
      wanted to thank every teacher’s dedication, care, and love that is given to our sons and daughters at Joy Little.

      There are no other schools in Singapore that is so devoted to the development of education / emotional / moralistic growth catered to each child’s unique needs. Joy Little’s unique disciplinarian approach to the personal, emotional, and spiritual development of our children is something that I am grateful for everyday. Our children thrive at Joy Little under your leadership.

      A huge thank you for the tireless task of molding the next generation of children that will all become future leaders in their prospective fields. Thank you for this tireless of loving, caring for, and educating our children.

    • jacan

      Dear Teachers,

      Many thanks to you and all the staff at Joy Little Schoolhouse for everything that you’ve done for Jacan. We know that he’s very fond of you all and will miss you!

      Thank you for making his time at the school so special.

      The Hitchins Family
    • lauryn

      Dear teachers,

      Having observed LiWen in school and how the teachers put in so much effort to nurture our children, I am indeed grateful and thankful for your dedication and the sacrifices you all make everyday-having to care for others’ children sometimes at the expense of your own families and children.

      Knowing that you have and you will continue to have a hand in nurturing our future generation. Although many children will come and go through your doors, they would all have had one thing in common-great teachers who make great sacrifices to make them better people.

      I would like to thank for the meticulous and love you have shown LiWen. I am glad and thankful that she has an extended “family” there to guide her.

      Yveline Chew Yee Lynn (Lauryn LiWen Phipps’s mother)
    • maverick

      Dear Teacher,

      Maverick joined your school in 2010. He had an enjoyable and memorable 1.5 years in Joy Little Schoolhouse. Although the school premise was limited in the past, he vividly recalled those times when Lao Ye helped shower for him, told stories before nap, yummy “Jiao Zi” prepared by Lao Lao during CNY period, how you guided him to buy “Bao” from the stall next door.

      Megan had lots of wonderful memories in Joy Little Schoolhouse too! They love theme room most and would share with me what’s in store for them always. Megan loves the roof top playground and outdoor garden. I have witnessed how Joy Little Schoolhouse had transformed them to being confident, happy and ready for their next phase in life!

      Keep the passion in you always! That’s the main reason why I’ve selected your childcare than others. You are and always be the one of the best educator I’ve met! We thank you with all our hearts!

      Yen (Maverick and Megan’s parent)
    • yann

      Dear teachers,

      For the past 3 years, Yann has been going to Joy Little Schoolhouse and has been under your care. Whenever we pick him up from
      school, he would have a big smile on his face and tell us that he had a great time in school.

      We have been so pleased with our decision to put him in Joy Little Schoolhouse. We really appreciate the effort you have put into
      making his learning an enjoyable journey. We do know that Yann has learnt a lot about life skills, social skills, friendship, respect and of course Mandarin, English, Maths and Science; but what he remembers at the end of the day is the fun he had in the school.

      We are aware that the best way to learn is through fun and interaction. We feel you have fulfilled your mission and we are extremely grateful for that.

      We believe that the first 6 years of a child’s life are extremely crucial. And so, thank you for being a part of it for what you have done and for who you are.

      Toh Siew Gek Catherine Mrs Catherine Bretault (Yann Luke Ming Bretault’s mother)
  • Family Day 2017

  • Joy Little Schoolhouse Family  Day 2017
    Fun family activities @ Bishan Park!

    The Joy Little families were out in full force wearing their team colors at our family day!  The weather was beautiful.  Everyone joined in the fun activities and picnic.  The parents and children together with teachers had great teamwork spirit while playing the games and treasure hunt.  The families bonded over chit chat and laughter.  The day created amazing memories as we danced and played sportively.

    Let’s take a look at the joyous moments on that special day!